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Cupcakes are best consumed at room temperature. Please take them out of the fridge at least 30 minutes to one hour before serving.

Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake

Moist chocolate cupcake topped with the lightest, most delicate raspberry buttercream.
Price: $35/dozen

Carrot Cupcake

Loaded with dried fruits, nuts, and tons of freshly grated carrots, this cupcake is almost like a fruit cake, only better. Cream cheese topping will be smoothly applied to the top. If you wish to have it piped in a swirl as shown in photo, additional sugar is needed, which will make the frosting very sweet.
Price: $35/dozen

Opera Cupcake

Espresso cupcake infused with chocolate ganache and topped with French coffee butter cream with just the right hint of sweetness. It's the ultimate grownup cupcake
Price: $35/dozen

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes

Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with assorted buttercream frostings:

Vanilla cake/ vanilla frosting
Vanilla cake/ chocolate frosting
Chocolate cake/ vanilla frosting
Chocolate cake/chocolate frosting
Price: $30/dozen or $32/ 25 mini cupcakes
$2 additional charge/ extra color/type of frosting/dozen