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Ferrero Rocher

A Ferrero Rocher lover's dream cake, this is a light and airy hazelnut cake (almost flourless) layered with a rich Nutella ganache and covered in the same delicious ganache with Ferrero Rocher candy halves on top. Choose your message or leave it plain, either way it is a stunner.
Size: 20cm, serves 10-12
Price: $60

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Your favourite candy deconstructed and re-interpreted as a cake! Pretzel and chocolate bottom crust with a light and creamy layer of peanut butter cream cheese mousse, topped with lightly whipped Chantilly cream.
Size: 20cm, serves 10
Price: $55


You have to taste it to believe it. Rich Lavazza coffee taste with a heavy dose of Khalua. The Italian meringue in the mascarpone mousse gives it an extra light texture while providing just the right amount of sweetness.
Size: 18x18cm, serves 9
Price: $60

Green Tea Tiramisu

A modernized tiramisu based on a classic recipe. Genoise sponge cake is used instead of finger biscuits so you get a more sophisticated look. Italian meringue is added to the mascarpone mousse to give it an extra light texture while providing just the right amount of sweetness. The cakes are soaked with a syrup made of Japanese matcha.
Size: 18x18cm, serves 9 
Price: $60   

Pear Charlotte

Do you like boozy desserts? Then this is the cake for you! Filled with Bavarian cream infused with Poire William pear liqueur, it satisfies the adult in you while letting you indulge in your sweet tooth.
Size: 18cm, serves 8-10
Price: $55


A variation on the classic Black Forest cake by famous Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino. In his version, there are two layers of chocolate chantilly cream, a rich dark chocolate layer where the kirsch soaked griottines are hidden, and a light milk chocolate layer to tie everything together. Decoration needs to be placed onto the cake by you just before serving.
Size: 8x28cm Serves 8-10
Price: $60