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Fruit Cocktail Tart

This colorful tart laden with fresh seasonal fruits not only looks impressive but tastes great too. With a layer of coconut cream baked in on the bottom and pastry cream made with real vanilla beans, it is a harmony of flavors and textures.
Size: 18cm Serves 10
Price: $60

Normandy Tart

The classic French apple tart. Almond flour tart base filled with an apple brandy infused custard, with caramelized apple pieces. Great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Size: 18cm, serves 8
Price: $50

Raspberry Chocolate Tart with Nougatine

Rich smooth dark chocolate and raspberry ganache in chocolate tart base. Serve with chocolate almond nougatine. Add fresh raspberries for the ultimate after-dinner dessert.
Size: 18cm Serves 10 (raspberries not included)
Price: $55