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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 14 - Post Japan lull

As you can see, we ate too much, way too much while in Japan, so the week immediately after the trip was spent cleansing. I steamed a lot of stuff: chicken, fish, veg, and drank a lot of smoothies. Of the few meals I did prepare, one recipe stood out, and it was a tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) made in the Philips Airfryer

Here's the recipe for the Tonkatsu with watermelon tomato salad, the only I did differently was to cook the cutlet in the airfryer. It looks great, doesn't it? Although it's not as juicy as the real fried-in-fat deal, it's pretty darn good for complete fat-free cooking.

Another discovery made this week was a great place to buy burrata cheese. I followed a link on Facebook to a shop on Rakuten Singapore called Carecci. The selection is limited, but the price is about half of what you normally pay at other retail outlets. The delivery charges were exorbitant, but lucky for me, one of their retail outlets is just up the road from me, so I went to collect it myself.

I got some parma ham as well while I was at it, but it was a little dry. The burrata, on the other hand, was very creamy and nice. You have to order at least 3 days in advance though, as they're flown here from Italy. I think this will be a weekend staple from now on!